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Mahdi Madness? The 12th Imam Psychosis in Iran

  • Goldy
  • uploaded: Jul 9, 2012
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  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u July 11, 2012 2:28:42 AM CEST

    his is not true at all. I have studied comparative religion sciences and I am very sure that the believe in the Mahdi as presented in this video is not correct. On the countrary It is almost the opposite.
    We have to understand that there is a great difference between the Sunnites and the Shiites. They both believe of the coming of the 12 Imam. But there is a great difference in what will happen.
    The Sunnites, prominent present in Iraq, Saudi Arabia Kuwait etc, believe more or less what is told about the Mahdi in this video footage. Except of the atom bombs etc. because they are modern inventions and are surely not mentioned in the Koran. But they believe that the Mahdi will come… and this is important, the first thing that he must achieve is to unite the Islamic countries. And then he will go to war with the infidels and bring the Islam all over the world.
    But the Iran Shiites believe that first there will come a false Madhi. And when this false prophet comes, he will be defeated by the real Mahdi … AND VERY IMPORTANT … he will succeed in doing this with the help of THE SECOND COMING OF THE CHRIST.
    Yes? You read this well. So the false Mahdi will be beaten by the united forces of the Real Mahdi and the Messiah Jesus Christ.
    I am absolutely sure this is correct as I had lectures about this specific topic from a few university professors, one of the Netherlands and one of Cairo.
    So this information of this video is absolutely false. It is scandalous as the Shiites are indeed the only groups within the Islam, that are willing to fight against the false Imam, side by side with the Christians. Americas political liaison with the Saudi’s prefers probably the believe of the Sunnites. And their believe of the Mahdi comes indeed close to the picture of the Mahdi, given in this video. So this video is clear counter intelligence. This video accuses the Shiites of the opposite of what they stand for. It is a scandal, a lie, and it is done conscious, because I know for sure that American professors in Islamic culture and tradition know what I just told. It is even common knowledge.
    So damm you, who has made this video. Go home and do some useful things in the garden. I am not a religious person but to the people who asked you to make this trash, maybe it is indeed time that the messiah and the Mahdi comes back and learn you all a lesson..

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