The Creator's Cosmic Drama

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God talks to humanity. From the Heaven to the Big Bang, up to today, and over...

Declaration of the principles of the planetary citizenship

Fully exercise your nationality, but do not forget: we all are planetary citizens.

We shall form a sole family in front of the universe and it is important to remember that, for who watches us from beyond, we are only one of the families that live in one of the many planetary cribs.

If we are a family, unconceivable is the lack of indignation in front of the status of misery – physical and spiritual – in which a great part of our planetary brothers and sisters live.

There is a political power in our society that, when strategically directed, fully exercises the right and duty to request the forces on the field to honorably fulfill the human rights.

This is an “intimate force”, peaceful although active; tolerant, never violent, but never ending in the perpetual requirement of building peace, harmony and awareness of the urgent need to improve the conditions of life on Earth.

To exercise this power on a daily basis in our lives, acting locally but with an eye projected towards the important planetary aspect, is the duty of each one of us.

To respect the political forces established, the regional governments and the national organizations that represent the universal values – essential for the terrestrial evolution – but, above all, disclose the necessary awareness of the planetary unity in front of the universe, is the path.

In reality we all are universal citizens in the process of a possible planetary citizenship, as after all are all the brothers and sisters scattered in the many worlds of this Universe.

Nevertheless, due to the actual status of perception that characterizes who lives on the Earth, to reach the final process of awareness of such a citizenship, at whichever level, is our greatest goal.

If you agree with the principles and objectives of the planetary citizenship, unite with us with your thoughts, intentions and actions.
Assume the responsibility of building on Earth this utopia, which has been and is the objective of all the ones that have come to teach us the principles of the final process of universal citizenship, witnessing love as the basic and essential behavior of the life in common between all beings.

Spread this idea, especially between the younger generations.

Dream and work for a better world. And just know that many others are doing exactly the same.

This is a message of faith and hope in life and in our capacity to make it worthy, always more.

Jan Val Ellam


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