AntiChrist Abbotts clip hair of their initiates to bind them as Disciples.Christ set us FREE - 2.

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Anti Christ Abbotts clip the hair of their initiates to bind them as Disciples. Christ set us FREE - 2. DID JESUS CLIP THE HAIR OF HIS LABOURERS? Jesus handpicked His Labourers for the Vineyard of our Father where our Father had Planted the True Vine ...

Anti Christ Abbotts clip the hair of their initiates to bind them as Disciples. Christ set us FREE - 2. DID JESUS CLIP THE HAIR OF HIS LABOURERS?
Jesus handpicked His Labourers for the Vineyard of our Father where our Father had Planted the True Vine Christ Jesus. Jesus picked the Eleven by Himself whilst the Twelfth Judas Iscariot begged Him to be picked up for his literary and accountancy skills to look after the Purse. Jesus had cured him of a mouth foaming disease and he became his friend. But Jesus knew the heart of Judas Iscariot of Judah tribe to be a very clever man who would fleece people as the people of Judah tribe were doing in common for their extraordinary knowledge of Torah. In India, the people of Khatri tribe are their counterpart but greater sons of Satan.
So, during the Ministry of Jesus lasting Four years, He knew Judas Iscariot was a thief but He let him carry on with his stealing job to see if anyone else gets tempted by his character and joins him. None of the rest joined him and they kept their hearts clean of Mammon love. They valued Gospel more than the material wealth. When Jesus fed the 5000 with heavenly Bread and after their hunger was quenched and they felt ready to receive Gospel, then Christ Jesus opened His mouth that unless you eat the Flesh of Jesus and Drink the Blood of Christ, you have no part of me, the True Vine. Then, the people who were following Him for the sake of Miracles, being the men of letters, took it literally and they left Christ Jesus. At this point, Christ Jesus tested His Labourers if they too would leave Him. Then, Peter who enjoyed the Taste of heavenly Bread told Christ Jesus, you have Bread of Life. Where else shall we go? That means, the Labourers were Free to leave Him and there was no binding or vow as these Monastery Abbotts are exercising by cutting or clipping the hair of the initiates. Such ritual is also performed by the Sadhus in India when a new initiate is enrolled as a Vow to obey the Monks or Sadhus. So, such Abbotts tell their initiates not to listen to a third person and only what they are told by their Abbott. I would be glad to hear all the terms of contract between the Abbotts and their initiates please. Send me a copy.
No wonder, these initiates would not take literature from me unless approved by their Abbotts. Most of the Abbotts are Blind Guides of the blind Disciples that they keep disciplined with funny powerful hats and dresses. To get rid of these Priests, Christ Jesus gave His own Sacrifice as the Lamb of God making us the Royal Priests superior to these robed Priests sacked by Christ Jesus through His Sacrifice. But these Priests being of the Moses know only sin, the transgression against the moral laws and claim that the Sacrifice of Christ Jesus has taken away the sins of the world. What a non-sense by these Antichrist Priests? In Jesus, we go by holy spirit, common sense, and not by the letters of the Books meant for the once-born children. God has no Laws or commandments but He works by Grace. You have to prove that you are seeking His grace by working in the Vineyard of our Father in which you emulate yourself to be Grafted to the True Vine Christ Jesus, which He did confirmed of the Eleven at the Eucharist, the Marriage of the Son with Eleven Virgins. Eucharist is well known as entering into the Bridal Chamber that you enter once and not every day, a mockery of Jesus. That is Christ Jesus started His Ministry by announcing that unless you eat the flesh of Jesus and drink the Blood of Christ, you have no part in me and that is how He finished bringing home the above in His Labourers. At the same time, Christ Jesus predicted the Corruption that will infiltered His Ministry in Matt.12.v43-45 when the sacked Temple Priests entered the Church of God with their Jewish Leaven, the Torah, poisoned the spirit of Labourers that they had turned into Disciples as in Rabbis in Temple were turning. There should be a ritual of clipping hair as initiation into Discipleship. In Hinduism, there is one and so is after Hajj among the Mohammedans. This is to bind you as a Disciple and the Abbott disciplines the Monks as a Master disciplines his slaves. In other words, these Abbotts have become the enslaver AntiChrists and no wonder they take micky out of their initiates. They address Jesus as Lord so that they too could lord over their slave Monks as Lords. Remember that in Jesus what comes out of your own mouth that counts and not what the Books or the Abbotts says. Abbott cannot give your account to God. No wonder they address John, the Baptist as a Saint when He was an Angel. So, was Stephen, the first Bishop an Angel for he worked for Adam too?

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