Christ Jesus was a Preacher or The Royal High Priest and not a Moral Teacher, a Rabbi Priest - 3.

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Christ Jesus was a Preacher or The Royal High Priest and not a Moral Teacher, a Rabbi Priest - 3.
In Jesus, we talk spiritually and not secularly. So, here Christ Jesus is reminding us of our spiritual Father God and He is not concerned with our temporal fathers or relations. Serve your temporal father as the moral laws require of you but you do not call anyone else a Father as the Disciples of Rabbis, Pharisees, etc. were demanding of their Disciples. Here are some references to bring home this important point. Christ Jesus requested our Father to send more Labourers and not the Disciples. As Rabbis were Priests and they had Disciples, so if you are a Disciple, then you need a Dog-Collared hireling Priest of Letters or university degrees to boss over you and tell you not to listen anything else that is not in the Bible compiled by the Satanic Messianic Jews as per the Saying of Christ Jesus: - Matt.12.v43-45, the Parable of arid Temple evil spirits that were made redundant by the Sacrifice of Jesus as the Lamb of God.
"Father" in the Bible: Romans 8:15
Key to the Christian faith is the belief that, when we're saved by Christ, God embraces us as His children. Not slaves to be abused and bossed around; not servants who must obey or be dismissed. Rather, God gives us the privilege of calling Him our Father. Consider a father's love for his children--and how much greater is God's love for His children.
New Living Translation (©2007)
and don't address anyone here on earth as 'Father,' for only God in heaven is your spiritual Father.
Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010)
and you should not call yourselves “Father”, in the earth, for one is your Father who is in Heaven.
People's New Testament
23:9 call no man your father upon earth. Another honorary title. The scribes delighted to be called Abba, father. So the priests of the Roman Catholic Church. So do all who welcome such honorary?
Titles as Rev. Right Rev. Lord Bishop, etc. These are all forbidden. No apostle was ever so called.
Wesley's Notes
23:8-10 The Jewish rabbis were also called father and master, by their several disciples, whom they required, To believe implicitly what they affirmed, without asking any farther reason; To obey implicitly what they enjoined, without seeking farther authority. Our Lord, therefore, by forbidding us either to give or receive the title of rabbi, master, or father, forbids us either to receive any such reverence, or to pay any such to any but God.

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary
23:1-12 the scribes and Pharisees explained the Law of Moses, and enforced obedience to it. They are charged with hypocrisy in religion. We can only judge according to outward appearance; but God searches the heart. They made phylacteries. These were scrolls of paper or parchment, wherein were written four paragraphs of the law, to be worn on their foreheads and left arms, Ex 13:2-10; 13:11-16; De 6:4-9; 11:13-21. They made these phylacteries broad, that they might be thought more zealous for the law than others. God appointed the Jews to make fringes upon their garments, Nu 15:38, to remind them of their being a peculiar people; but the Pharisees made them larger than common, as if they were thereby more religious than others. Pride was the darling, reigning sin of the Pharisees, the sin that most easily beset them, and which our Lord Jesus takes all occasions to speak against. For him that is taught in the word to give respect to him that teaches, is commendable; but for him that teaches, to demand it, to be puffed up with it, is sinful. How much is all this against the spirit of Christianity! The consistent disciple of Christ is pained by being put into chief places. But who that looks around on the visible church, would think this was the spirit required? It is plain that some measure of this antichristian spirit prevails in every religious society, and in every one of our hearts.

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