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UFO Alien Angel Orb flying over our house Australia ufos 2012

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  • uploaded: Jul 12, 2012
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Witness Statement: Yet another video of the ufo orbs appearing to us throughout 2012.. these appear to us as large balls of light energy & sometimes come down & float right above our heads, this one can clearly be seen flying through & in front of clouds !! this is not any type of human made satellite, they appear from & vanish into thin air in broad daylight..

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  • Michael777#

    Michael777 July 23, 2012 1:05:31 AM CEST

    Wow.. someone in comments couldn't' see what you were filming, or maybe they think it *can't be* an angel because he didn't see wings and a harp - lol. Angel means messenger, which is exactly what these posers bring - 'messages of deception' - remember Jacque Vallee's books? They have been messing with us from the beginning. They bring a false New World Order religion, piled on top of some revisionist history and relentless bogus attacks specifically against Christianity (like that isn't a clue to all of you). Jordon Maxwell (their mouthpiece) stated on video he got his direction for 'his mission' to preach his hogwash from a visit he had on board a UFO. Please find (below) Nick Redfern's interview on Coast to Coast (w/ George Knapp) for even more evidence on who these 'visitors' really are. After you hear it, you'll understand why the governments of the world were/are reluctant to give the WHOLE truth, so they are trying to leak out a cover, slowly... over time..... till people think they have the truth (disclosure), when it will still in fact be just another layer of the bigger lie. Interview starts about 8min into part 6. Amazing interview...

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