'War on Iran at the core of Middle East turmoil' [Dan Glazebrook © RT]

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Saudis doing the bidding for zionist interests!
Hilary Clinton, Prince Saud or IDF, all same shit just a different pile!

Saudi Arabia is sending additional troops to its Eastern region of Qatif - with the government fearing riots. Public anger is rising in the area - with reports of more marches planned in support of two local activists, killed at a rally on Sunday. The demonstration was in response to the violent arrest of a prominent Shia cleric. The deaths brought tens of thousands onto the streets of the city of Qatif - for marches that have continued throughout the week. Discontent is fueled by a lack of political and civil freedoms and ongoing detentions of dissidents. The clampdown has been ignored by the west which unconditionally supports the regime. For more RT talks to Dan Glazebrook, a political analyst from UK.

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