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Propaganda in the west - 95 Minutes Documentary from North Korea

Propaganda in the west - 95 Minutes Documentary from North Korea

Download from RapidShare: in the west - 95 Minutes Documentary from North


1 hour, 35 minutes


A spot on movie from North Korea about how the global elite control the population of the west, and soon the world.

This is also a film about psychological warfare; A specific type that is designed to distract, misinform and anesthetize the brain.


Please note the propaganda at the beginning of the movie itself, but also how everything else presented in this movie just hits the nail on its head:

The following broadcast will be shocking and cause distress for all citizens of the DPKR but our dear leader sees no other alternative than to illuminate the hidden perils of the Western Imperialists and their pernicious threat to our glorious nation.

These revelations are the direct result of the miraculous visions of our eternal President who, in his eternal wisdom, commissioned intellectual observers to Seoul for evidence collection of this threat against the DPRK and innocent citizens worldwide.

Our dear leader has now recalled one observer to his beloved homeland to share the discoveries he made under the invincible leadership of the eternal president.


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