Exclusive July 07 2012 glowing ufos caught on video tape over San Antonio TX

  • Uploaded by 8seconds on Jul 15, 2012
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Latest U.F.O Sighting over San Antonio,Texas.
July-07-2012 as i was Skywatching high altitude Glowing U.F.O's,were caught on video traveling N/E.The sighting lasted about 15 mins of U.F.O Orbs/Cylindrical U.F.O's..This video is a part of these Events As they Happend..Next few mins is followed by these High altitude flying U.F.O's.. FIRST Sighting took place 5:52 pm:Looking east a bright flash was observed. I crabbed my camera for a closer observation.High altitude Glowing Cylindrical U.F.O/U.F.O ORBS traveling NorthEast......
SECOND Sighting took place at 5:54 pm: High altitude Glowing Cylindrical U.F.O traveling NorthEast..
THIRD Sighting took place at 5:55pm: High altitude Glowing Orb traveling N/E..This first sighting lasted for several mins..
In my opinion these U.F.O'S are clearly not aircrafts/satellites or weather balloons

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