Harmonisation: Clif High on David Icke [Time Monk Radio]

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Harmonisation is more than simply words. The Powers That Be recognise this and are very much afraid of it. Our current Gandhi is David Icke and The Powers That Be are using the same techniques on him as they used with Gandhi. They are as afraid of him as they were of Gandhi. They are as reluctant to kill him as they were Gandhi. They went to great lengths to assassinate Gandhi many, many, many hands removed from the actual assassination and still it caused their empire problems for 15 or 18 years after they did that act and they are aware of it.

In fact, the assassination of Gandhi is what led to the overthrow of the Shah [of Iran] through the British Crown because of problems they were having. So they are aware that when humans harmonise with the basic goal of universe, at a level that we cannot appreciate, they are undefeatable and untouchable ... They are afraid of the rise of the mule (in Asimov language), the David Icke and the Gandhi individual, that is able to harmonise for reasons they are not able to understand. The individual that is harmonising usually isn’t aware that they are doing it. Also The Powers That Be don’t know why such individuals arise and they are very much sketched out by it ...

.. a lot of the prophetic description [in Hindu/Jain text] describes the individuals that are, wittingly or not, harmonious with universe – and just go along with universe even though they will be considered a fool and laughed at and vilified. David Icke is such an individual. I know this from the linguistics as to how the people are discussing him at the minion level and above. I can find exactly the same replication of language, in the idiom of its day, by the Powers That Be about Gandhi. So Icke is in tune with universe and they are afraid to touch him. They will annoy the crap out of him, but I don’t think they will ever assassinate him.

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