Jim Marrs: 'Foreign Troops All Over America Ready for Civil War' [InfoWars]

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'Hidden History of The Occult' http://jimmarrs.com/

Jim Marrs Foreign Troops All Over America: The government wants a civil war, so be prepared!!!!
Agenda 21 wilderness no need for guns in FEMA camps. Jim Marrs say urban vs suburb, It applies to everyone; that's why it is called the New WORLD Order, they're going to go after people in the cities, but they are going to go after suburb people as well, with air strikes, And there is nothing you could do against the Predator Drones they operate upwards 50,000 feet.. you're not going to see or hear nothing because the missile already flew through your window and killed you. Shooting at it is impossible. (ask any Iraqi), and even if these drones were only a couple hundred feet up, nobody is going to be able to shoot them down. Id like to see one person be able to hit a moving target the size of a goose with a rifle, even if its only 100 feet up let alone 40,000 feet up.
Investigative journalist Jim Marrs discussed a variety of topics and conspiracies, including sequestered UFO technology used by the Nazis during WWII. Some of their saucer technology may have been turned over to American and British forces after the war, he said. I think we're dealing with both humans and aliens and "this could explain the extreme secrecy [of the US government]...they don't want anyone to know about any truly secret advanced technology that we're working on; they certainly don't want anyone to know there's a potential enemy out there that has technology that supersedes our own," he commented. There's a growing consensus that some type of energy manipulation like "vortex gravitics" could be used for UFO propulsion systems, he said, noting how in some UFO encounters cars completely shut down, which suggests that time has stopped while under the craft's energy field. Many types of free energy systems have been suppressed over the years, said Marrs, citing the "radiant energy" work of Thomas Henry Moray. Marrs addressed the idea of a "shadow government," and described how the same families or financial powers, centered in Wall St. or London, "created communism in Russia...national socialism in Germany, and now they are pushing us into Marxist socialism in this country," in their conspiracy to control the world. He also previewed his forthcoming book, The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, which looks at how the New World Order, man-made diseases, and "zombie banks" are destroying America.

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