Gerald Celente: 'We have Sociopaths in charge on the Economic front and the Psychopaths on the Military front' [John Stadtmiller Radio Show]

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Gerald Celente -- John Stadtmiller Radio Show - July 17, 2012 , in Iceland they did not bail out the banks they bailed out the people and that's the big difference says Gerald Celente the whole game is rigged from the LIBOR Scandal and if there is anybody out there who thinks they can play it , go to Atlantic City instead and become a millionaire because those are your same odds that's why not one head in wall street have rolled that's why Jon Corzine is still free says Gerald Celente we have sociopaths in charge , the sociopaths on the economic front and the psychopaths on the military front , when are the people going to wake up and see who are ruling them ????

- Gerald Celente -

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