Who profits from the Olympics? [PressTV]

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The 2012 London Olympics are being hailed as the "Peoples' Games", promising to regenerate some of the most impoverished areas of London with employment and new housing, as well as reviving the UK's shattered economy at large. However, recent figures procured from the Freedom of Information Act speak of a different reality - one of elitism, grand extravagance and exploitation. Initially estimated to cost the taxpayer £2.3 billion, the actual figure is now rocketing to £12 billion.

At a time of austerity, in which people are already hard-pressed, there have been talks of worker demonstrations during the Olympics by major UK trade Unions. Tensions have also been soaring over claims of worker abuse in countries such as Bangladesh, where official Olympic outfitters such as Nike and Adidas are using sweatshops to produce uniforms for UK teams. Such reports tarnish the legacy of the Olympic Games, while also inviting disruption to the event itself. Amid widespread unavailability of Olympic tickets further monetary demands on taxpayers and disruption to public services; could the London Olympics be in danger of riots on a scale seen just last summer?

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