NatGeo: Chasing UFO's - Abducted In Arizona

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NatGeo: Chasing UFO's - Abducted In Arizona

The Chasing UFOs team is off to Arizona where they're going to talk with Travis Walton whose abduction by a UFO was so famous that a movie, Fire in the Sky, was made about his encounter.

In this episode of Chasing UFOs, Ryder, Ben and James travel to Arizona to investigate reports of a large, boomerang-shaped object. The most famous of these sightings happened on March 13, 1997 when hundreds of people in Phoenix reported seeing this object pass over the city and to the south. Now, a recently unearthed video of a similar object shot four years before the Phoenix incident leads the team to investigate this string of sightings.

The team begins their investigation with that video. Shot in 1993 along the side of a highway 40 miles north of Phoenix, the video appears to show a similarly shaped object and the same array of lights witnesses in Phoenix reported seeing. Ryder, Ben and James meet the man who shot the video. His name is Terry Connet and he reveals that this object made no sound as it passed right over him. The most incredible detail, however, is the object’s size. Terry tells the team that whatever he saw that night, you could have lined up as many as ten B-52’s, wingtip-to-wingtip.

Impressed with Terry’s video and testimony the team heads back to Phoenix to test the official explanation of the Phoenix Lights incident. After the incident the military said that what people saw was a string of military flares dropped by an aircraft at Luke Air Force Base. To see if that explanation holds any water, Ryder, Ben and James team-up with a group of local skydivers. The skydivers agree to perform a night jump wearing pyrotechnic flares. With Ben and James on the ground observing, Ryder takes off with the skydivers to direct the test. As the skydivers jump the team watches in stunned disbelief as the sky lights up with a jaw-dropping show. But did the jump resemble what so many people in Arizona have reported seeing?

Searching for more information, the team recruits a local sky watcher and UFO researcher named Jeff Willis. The team learns that Jeff has caught hundreds of UFOs on camera and he agrees to take Ryder, Ben and James out with him for a night time reconnaissance mission to search for strange lights in the sky.

Jeff and the team head out of a mountain at the north end of Phoenix to look for UFOs and it doesn’t take long before strange lights start appearing. On their way up the team spots a strange orange light in the sky. After it disappears they spot a string of lights descending toward the desert and then finally a group of glowing orbs rising up toward the clouds. Are these actual UFO’s? Or will the team be able to identify them?

As the team continues its investigation they learn there may be a connection between these sightings and one of the most famous UFO incidents in history. There’s a former logger named Travis Walton who claims to have been abducted by a UFO. The team travels to the mountains of eastern Arizona to meet Travis and hear his story. Travis recounts his tale in frightening detail, telling the team what he saw and endured during a five-day ordeal aboard an alien ship.

Anxious to verify his claims, the team travels to the abduction site to look for evidence that would support Travis’ story. They learn that in the years after the incident, the trees in the area experienced an unexplained growth spurt. Knowing that high doses of electromagnetic radiation can affect plant growth, Ben organizes an investigation to bring back tree samples from the site. The team gets to work surveying the site and taking samples and it isn’t long before they uncover some incredible evidence that may prove Travis Walton’s story.

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