Labourers Of Christ Jesus enter the Vineyard of our Father and not the blind Disciples.

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Labourers Of Christ Jesus enter the Vineyard of our Father and not the blind Disciples.
Hi Brethren,
Today, I went to Oxford and attended a Catholic Church called SS.Gregory & Augustine Catholic Church, 322 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 7NS and met their Priest in charge Bro. John Saward calling himself a Father. I gave him my Poster for the next Thursday meeting at Oxford Town Hall, entitled Trinity – The first to be twisted by the Messianic Jews. As soon as he read Gnostic, he exclaimed that they were declared heretic by the Church in the first century. So, I told him that I am a heretic but he could not understand my language. When I tried to explain that unless you eat the flesh of Jesus and drink the Blood of Christ, you have no part in Christ Jesus. They were not interested. So, after the service, they had a cup of tea and I joined them. Only three or four stayed behind.
Afterwards, I went to Brahma Kumari Global Retreat which is quite near to Oxford and there were about 100 people mostly women. They were very keen to know religion and they asked me questions and I answered. Most of these women are not finding spirituality in Churches look forward to such organisations that have a set pattern to meet their psychological demands. I told them that Brahma is Moon and not the Sun that they are displaying and pointing at. Sun is the Primary Source of Light and so is PARBRAHM. But they have never heard of Parbrahm. In Parbrahm, we are sons of the most high whether you are a male or a female.
Never mind. Some women came from Malaga, Spain and she exchanged e-mail with me. After that I came to Reading and went to my gym at Holiday Inn. There, I met a Catholic from Free Ireland. He expressed interest in my views and I gave him an article as a Taster. Let us see if he would be interested. In God, many are called but Few are chosen and there is nothing to be worried. Our duty is to carry on with the Race that is worth running.

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