Jim Fetzer: 'US Government Greater Threat Than Lone Shooters'

  • Uploaded by Knewtube on Jul 23, 2012
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The American government is a greater danger to the nation's freedom than lone gunmen like the one in Colorado, According to American philosopher and former Marine Corps officer James H. Fetzer in Wisconsin.

During the Bush-Cheney administration, "I realized our own government posed a greater threat to our liberty at home than the occasional nutty shooter as we seem to have in Colorado," Fetzer said by phone on Sunday.

A gunman opened fire early on Friday at an Aurora movie theater in suburban Denver, leaving 12 people dead and over 50 others injured.

Aurora is a suburb of Denver near the scene of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting, in which 13 people were shot dead and another 24 were wounded.

"Many people don't realize that the Department of Homeland Security is acquiring 475 million rounds of 40 caliber hollow point ammunition, which is not even permissible for use in warfare under the Geneva Convention, or that 30,000 drones have been authorized to conduct surveillance on the American people and that hundreds of concentration camps exist and being are staffed today."


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