Baptist Churches Most Blind of all the Churches. John, the Baptist was a witness to the Light but NOT the Light.

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Baptist Churches Most Blind of all the Churches. John, the Baptist was a witness to the Light....
Hi Brethren,
Many have Churches in the name of John, the Baptist. That is wrong as He was an Angel of Israel who worked for Adam and not for God. In Adam, we become the sons of Man that Christ Jesus needs to be turned into the sons of God, our Most High Father. John, the Baptist was Perfect in the moral laws that apply to our physical body in Adam and the transgression against the moral laws is Sin. So, John, the Baptist, Rabbis, etc. had once-born natural Disciples that needed disciplining under the rule of Law. Disciples are concerned with sins and the Rabbis applied the Moral laws. Thus, John, the Baptist, Rabbis, etc., they were Freemen but they had no Freewill as they themselves were bound by those man-made moral laws. If they do not obey the moral laws themselves and asked others to do so, then they are called hypocrites and Jesus condemned them the most and we should do the same. But in Jesus, you need to be a twice-born sensible person that need not to be disciplined by a Rabbi or you are not to be the slaves to the Rabbis or these super Rabbis Fathers and Priests in Churches who put a millstone of sins around your necks and they themselves are immoral called waterless canals. Christ Jesus worked for our Father God and therefore He trained us in the Vineyard of our Father where He Himself had been planted by our Father Gardner Who looks after us. If you are sensible and do wrong things knowingly then you are a hypocrite. This was stressed by Christ Jesus in John 9, the Parable of the born blind person when the Rabbis objected to Christ Jesus that you call us blind? Thus, in Jesus, we are no more slaves to the Rabbis, Priests, etc. and their sins but to the Righteousness of our Father or Blasphemy called hypocrisy. Thus, in Jesus, we are no more Slaves to sins but to Righteousness.
So, you can see how spiritually blind are these Priests especially serving in the Churches dedicated to John, the Baptist, an Angel, a witness to the Light and not the Light whereas in Christ Jesus, we ourselves are the sons of Most High, the Royal Priests, far greater than John, the Baptist. These spiritually blind Priests in Churches hired by the Mammon hardly know in whose name John, the Baptist baptised Jewish men in water and why he did not baptise a woman or a Gentile. I have stressed this so many times in my videos that I do not need to stress it anymore.

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