Metalic UFO Disc Caught on Camera over Rooftops Nashville, Tennnessee

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Witness Statement: I don't know where to at approximately 4pm today i was outside behind my house in nashville, TN smoking a cigarette and playing fetch with my 6 month old dach-griffon puppy. suddenly my dog starts acting strange, runs to get the st...

Witness Statement:
I don't know where to start.... at approximately 4pm today i was outside behind my house in nashville, TN smoking a cigarette and playing fetch with my 6 month old dach-griffon puppy. suddenly my dog starts acting strange, runs to get the stick we were playing with and suddenly he stops moving; the usual playful energy in his face and general demeanor just drop and he sits there a few feet in front of me.

I look up into the sky and see a metallic gold disk shape off in the distance what looks to be a few hundred feet behind the trees/rooftops. I stood there for a few seconds, grabbed my phone out of my pocket and snapped the following shots. it's just sitting there in the sky, then in an almost comically cliche'd fashion it sort of rolled/turned on it's side and zips upwards and to the left and out of sight at a pretty rapid pace.

the phone i took these with was an iphone 4s. anybody that has one of these knows that when you open the camera app, it is set on picture/video record as a default depending on how you last had it set. mine happened to be on still photo mode, i wish i had a chance to get video but it literally disappeared as soon as i started snapping (read below for more details)

i literally grabbed the phone from my pocket, opened up camera and started mashing the shutter button as fast as i could, resulting in about 4 frames per second at a fairly regular rate. these are the only 3 in which the object appeared, from what i've looked through so far; i will check again though in case i missed anything. the strange part is it seemed to make an exit as soon as i pointed my iphone at it. i have no doubt whatsoever that it was hovering at least the entire time between me spotting it and taking the phone out my pocket/opening camera app and pointing.

so here's the pics, original unedited in the 'large' JPEG option (that you select when emailing iphone photos to a computer for upload, i do have the original raw files on my phone, but the 'large JPG' option always has in my experience been just as good quality as the 'actual size' raw... i know it will come up eventually so know im prepared to upload these too.... im just hella excited about this and had to post ASAP!!

and if anyone's suspicious why i didn't post these immediately after it happened, keep reading after because it gets WEIRD.

okay so the weird part concerns my dog. i cannot begin to explain how lively and energetic and willful my little guy usually is.... but i have never seen anything like the way he acted after these photos were taken. he just stood there in the little patch of grass out by my back door/trashcan/parking area for my house (small town house in which there are 2 smaller apartments built in), and just seemed to wobble on his feet, moving his head slowly from side to side.

i called his name, he would not look up or respond; i run over to grab him and he's lying limp in my arms, eyes sort of fully open but glazed/void of character. so, i freak the eff out and run over to my neighbors house to get him to drive my dog to an emergency ward... i thought he'd eaten glass or rat poison or something so im panicking a little. i take the little guy in, they run blood tests and do a scan and the vet says there's nothing wrong with him at all, other than an unusually high level of phosphor in his blood, an amount that he literally couldn't explain in a small dog. he puts my little guy on a drip for an hour and a half, and he begins to come around. i got him home an hour ago and and i started the photo upload process and the writing of this thread. he's still not quite himself; won't lick any faces or chase toys, but he has his balance back and seems to respond to his name.

i have no idea if the two events are related. i still don't know what to make of it, other than that i am certain of what i saw/photographed. please feel free to question my integrity all you like, i'm ready for it. i have been interested in aliens/UFO's (among other standard conspiracies) for a few years now, and although i accept hoaxes exist i myself have by no means the knowledge to manipulate a picture in this way

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