Gordon Duff: 'US Government Involved in Program to Break Down Cohesive Aspects of Society' [Veterans Today]

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'Con Job: Mass Shootings and Pattern Recognition'

There is a “magic software” adapted by the US military and “others” called “Planitir.” Long before that, search software called PROMIS had been developed.

The issue is pattern recognition, whether rocket engines seen from a satellite, hidden tanks, underground tunnels or a rash of shootings with a purpose.

There have always been crazy people around, serial killers, terrorists, “mad bombers” and fiends.

Gordon Duff the senior editor of Veterans Today recently wrote an article called: "Con Job: Mass Shootings and Pattern Recognition." In a phone interview with Press TV's U.S. Desk on Tuesday, he expanded on his article and the recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

Duff said, "This week in Aurora Colorado there was this shooting. A young man shot a number of people in a movie theater. The country is in a panic. People are looking at each other with suspicion. It isn't because of this one shooting. It is because we've had shootings and bombings for twelve years."

Duff continued, "The U.S. government uses software that does pattern recognition. It is patterned with algorithms. It examines news items. It looks for similar occurrences and it points fingers at particular causes. The earliest version of that software was 'PROMIS'. The newer version is the highly secret 'Planitir'. It's capable of almost anything ... fixing problems. What it's not recognizing and what we are not being told is very simple."

Duff concluded, "We are seeing a pattern behavior that indicates that the U.S. government is involved in a program, clearly involved in a program to break down the cohesive aspects of U.S. society. To make people complacent, fearful, to feel separated, to feel dependent, to not question the government at all. We are being socially engineered through acts of violence and pattern recognitions software should be proving to many people and many people have access to this, that these incidents and it's not a few, I can go on for hours talking about them, there are so many of them and they have so many of the same characteristics that many of them, not all, but many are being perpetrated by our own government."


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