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Visitors From Space

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Visitors From Space

Classic Finnish UFO documentary by Juhan af Grann from 1992.

Visitors From Space might seem like a name for yet another really bad '50s B-movie that might get ridiculed on Mystery Science Theater 3000, but it's not at all. This is a UFO documentary from the 1990s from a totally unlikely country: Finland (but translated in English for us American viewers). I hadn't seen this since 1996 (it was rented at a video store) so my mind might be a little foggy here. I tend to remember that it featured some really cool music. I remember there were subjects covered that I've heard millions of times already (that is when they covered American UFO incidents, but is interesting when you get it from a Finnish perspective), but since this documentary is from Finland, what's really priceless is this documentary covers many Finnish UFO sightings and abductions, which is really interesting for us Americans since Finland never gets mentioned in any American or British made UFO documentaries. Visitors From Space did make one mistake. They stated that Stanton Friedman was Canadian, when in reality, he was an American living in Canada. Lately, it seems, that there have been too many documentaries out there that cover the same subjects over and over. You know, alien abductions (particularly Whitley Strieber, Betty & Barney Hill, Travis Walton, Charles Hickson & Calvin Parker, etc.), Area 51, the Phoenix, Arizona lights, animal mutilations, after a while it becomes really tiresome, perhaps because these American documentaries seem mostly interested in just UFO incidents that occured here (with the occasional British, Canadian, and Mexican UFO incidents) so it's nice to see a documentary from a little known country like Visitors From Space come around to give their perspective on UFOs and it turns out to be a lot more refreshing than what the Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel has aired of late. Visitors From Space is nowhere as corny as those silly, low-budget documentaries from the 1970s like Overlords of the UFO (which I happen to like a lot for that reason), the production to Visitors From Space is a lot more professional, and the subjects being presented are a lot more believable. So if you enjoy the subjects on UFOs, but sick of hearing the same thing over and over, try and track down a copy of Visitors From Space, you won't regret it.

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  • Zanzibarjack#

    Zanzibarjack August 1, 2012 12:31:55 PM CEST

    I have to agree that when they tell us aliens are here, it will be to blame them for attacking us. I hope the real ones come down and kick the Illuminati's arse, but I suspect that this is our revolution to have. Every species gets challenged to evolve. Our species needs to get beyond f**king each other over for a profit and we need to get over believing anything our "leaders" tell us. In every western country, we need to march down to our capitals en masse and just remove all these criminals, then we can audit the planet and see what's been swiped. DOWN WITH THE ILLUMINATI

  • Ragstorich#

    Ragstorich August 1, 2012 12:20:11 AM CEST

    Temps13.... you just called yourself a retard dude! lol :)

  • Temps13#

    Temps13 July 31, 2012 1:20:36 PM CEST

    michael the 3 people above you appear to be retards but you seem smarter...
    but there was nothing about that around the 8 minute mark on the interview with that hack redfern,I did check?
    I would welcome a righteous man picked by the master race to run things,like back in the day,instead of these corrupt corporate filth,a ruler who didnt deceive us & do false flag ops etc,create false debt etc..a shepherd king..sort of a demi god

  • Mato111#

    Mato111 July 31, 2012 4:54:18 AM CEST

    WE all ar so lucky hitller (dick head) never got nuclear weapon or UFO technology!!!this is all rubbish videos

  • Mato111#

    Mato111 July 31, 2012 4:48:49 AM CEST

    I just not understand how come this hittler dick head is on the video.is this a nazi propaganda.....u all nazis

  • Michael777#

    Michael777 July 29, 2012 3:41:01 AM CEST

    I'm always amazed how many "ufo investigators" or 'fans of the genre' can continue to ignore the persistent connection these 'visitors' have with the occult. The Nazis were not "investigating" ufo's, they were talking to them through a select group of 'channelers' and these people were part of the Thule Society. This is where the idea of the super-man was passed on to Hitler... the idea that these 'aliens' were the creators of man, but that some had more "royal genetics" than other races... thus was spawned the evil that was the third Reich.

    They are still at work, only using a reformed 'new age' global religion to spawn a global belief system.. It will end with the same police state tyranny, only they won't be any nations to act as a firewall once they are finished with their global government. We don't want OR NEED a global King that they would approve of.

    Listen to Nick Redfern talk about this with George Knapp... Yet another piece of the mystery falls into place. Fast forward to about 8min mark.

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