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did 3000 people really die on 911??

  • John302
  • uploaded: Jul 26, 2012
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  • John302#

    John302 July 28, 2012 9:06:55 PM CEST

    ha ha so true man...wit and humor ingrained with truth..we need more of that today.... p.s. of course anybody with a brain knows holmes was not alone in that attack.... i smell a manchurian candidate....due to mind control ...he did their bidding...olympics?? maybe but it would be to obvious i think....

  • Zanzibarjack#

    Zanzibarjack July 27, 2012 12:25:49 PM CEST

    Ps, not being nasty John, but, 11 years later everyone with 2 still functioning braincells knows it was a con job. Stop getting caught on that issue, you could investigate 911 until doomsday and nobody would prosecute an investigation, even if you dragged Bush, Cheney and their invisible master Rothschild into a courtroom with dna, cctv, 10 witnesses and 3 signed confessions, NOTHING WOULD BE DONE. It is like walking up to the bouncer at a bar and trying to convince him to throw out the landlord. Move your focus to the here and now, look into James Holmes, they will probably attack the olympics next. Down with the illuminati

  • Zanzibarjack#

    Zanzibarjack July 27, 2012 12:14:52 PM CEST

    Of course this does show us only a small selection of about 20 people. I can imagine them coming up with fake flights. How did they hide all the spare bankers that were not in the two towers? What about the 1 million Iraqis and Afghans that have died since? Perhaps they were paid off with cleaning jobs at Disney

  • John302#

    John302 July 27, 2012 9:01:35 AM CEST

    911 debunker?? if you cant see the truth...they have already won...p.s i never smile !! only jokers smile and i am dead serious...

  • Chesterfield23#

    Chesterfield23 July 27, 2012 12:42:52 AM CEST

    wow. this is insulting. the Nestor photo is obviously taken at a wedding with an obvious digital backdrop laid down behind him in post. have you ever heard of a wedding photographer being allowed to get creative in post-production? obviously not. and of course memorial photos are going to be touched up! a relative of mine passed, and the photo set upon the casket was cleaned up digitally so that there were no distractions in the picture. but I guess she didn't really die of cancer, huh? you keep saying that you are not being disrespectful but you most certainly are. digitally added smoke and planes? I saw the smoke and have a good friend who saw the planes. the weren't animations or photoshopped.

    PS: what's your smile like? does it look different in every photo taken of you? or does it look similar?

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