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Ron Paul - United Nations - Gun Ban Treaty - Warning

  • Jordee
  • uploaded: Jul 26, 2012
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Throughout Ron Paul's political career he has been warning American citizens and the other elected representatives about the threat of being involved with the United Nations, and how it will eventually conflict with the United States constitution.
Now the unheeded warnings have come to ahead. We see the US government involved in OPERATION FAST & FURIOUS, the Mexican President Felipe Calderon giving speeches on US soil telling the American people and their elected representatives to ban guns... In all to attack the second amendment.
The current US regime carries on with gun ban rhetoric and entertaining foreign global government intentions to meddle with the US constitution.

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  • Jordee#

    Jordee August 1, 2012 3:38:43 PM CEST

    Mato111, here you go:


  • Mato111#

    Mato111 July 31, 2012 4:19:20 AM CEST

    only army and special police unit should have a gun!!!!only criminals and psychos have guns!!!!normal taxpayers have lots of different thinks to look after!!!!goverment should arest or big fines for poeple who carrying guns.f....them all

  • Rammstein81#

    Rammstein81 July 27, 2012 1:51:00 AM CEST

    The fact that Ron Paul is running for presidency is one step foward towards freedom.

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