Ron Paul Inducted into Lambda Chi Alpha Leader war on drugs

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Ron Paul was inducted into the Lambda Chi Alpha Male fraternity that is a leader in the fight against hazing, drugs and alcohol abuse. One ritual practice of Lambda Chi Alpha is CIRCUMAMBULATION. This is a common practice is found in the initiation of Witches and is practiced in Freemasonry. The education system is totally dumbed down confusing people about cannabis that doesnt kill anybody, that would make countries like America energy independent with renewable hemp fuel, coffee kills people, think of all the Starbucks everywhere and students drinking coffee. The cost of living is being kept artificially high by maintaining cannabis prohibition, or by restricting, limiting cannabis in any way.

Diebold sells computer voting machines they had Republican conflict of interest during the 2 term voting Fraud of George Bush. Ron Paul Admits he is running the same platform George Bush used to win in 2000! The connections to Ron Paul are not few. Be your own leader. Do your own Research. Ron Paul wrote a book called The Case for Gold with Lewis Lehrman. Lew is a papal knight (Sovereign Military Order of Malta) Lew was on the board of directors of The Project for a New American Century. Ron Paul refuses to participate in a further investigation into the crimes of 9/11/2001.

Cannabis Activist Websites Infiltrated, Hijacked

Grasscity Controlled Opposition Nightmare in Cannabis Activism

I recorded an image of the link below and recently I discovered the page is gone

REPEAL the unconstitutional laws and end cannabis prohibition people are dying! Other laws get repealed, A full repeal occurs where the entire Act is repealed because the law is doing more harm than the reasoning for the law.

Regulate: to govern or direct according to rule
Control: to exercise restraining or directing influence over : (i.e. to regulate)
Tax: to make onerous (troublesome/burdensome) and rigorous demands on

I don't want the corporate takeover of the cannabis industry legalized via government legislation (over-taxation, over-regulation and over-control) so the government can dictate how many plants I can grow. Switzerland legalized up to 4 plants each. In Canada I can't grow my own food, I am eating processed hemp seeds.

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