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World's Greatest Ever Prank

  • Uploaded by Kanaeta on Jul 27, 2012
  • Hits: 36

Better picture quality repost of the original by J.R. that was posted here in 2008, but which really deserves a fresh audience as it is mind-boggling brilliant, Derren Brown is a household name in Britain and one of the world's greatest mentalists, full video clip here (jump to 10:50 to see the victim's full reaction including the video being played back to him...)

Some of the things that ‘magicians’ get into these days are not close to what I’d call magic but endurance. Standing in ice for a couple of days or hanging upside from something outside in the cold? Big deal. At the very least try something that seems like magic. We all know it’s fake anyways but I find some forms of ‘magic’ far more entertaining than others. When it involves hypnosis and an arcade game then count me in. While this particular video is nothing new, it’s at least two and a half years old, it’s still fun to watch. Called Waking Dead by English magician Derren Brown, this is an arcade title that puts the subject into a hypnotic state and then they take him to a place where he ‘plays the game’ he was just playing but in real life. They have to go through a bit of trouble for just one person and perhaps it’s a bit morbid to laugh about how the guy acts in the ‘game’ while they show his friends all disturbed by his behavior but I know a couple of people who would love to participate in this sort of zombie apocalypse shooter and I could see them in it.

Be warned that there is a little bit of mature language in the video when the player starts fighting the zombies.

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