Occult Olympics Opening Ceremony pt.2 - 111 Snapshots

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Occult Olympics Opening Ceremony pt.2 - 111 Snapshots

Occult 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony
ABYSSIAN Lines all over the floor
SEAL OF SATURN On WELLS rising from under ground
Black X in Ring of Fire (Q)
2:00 Suffragists = Vril Society (Black+Purple)
2:25 Revolutionaries making X with their sticks=ANARCHY
3:33 Name of the Childrens choir is: CHAOS (not kdding!)
4:03 "Morning" = Dawn of a New Day
5:25 6:10 Weired left Hand
7:03 Rowan Atkinson Hand Sign
7:48 Rainbow + Michael FISH
8:10 Kube of Saturn disguised as House
8:25 Antz
8:36 Britsch athletes during entrance , Interessting Pose,Red-Haired

10:09 At the End the flames of all Nations are united to form the BLACK SUN.

Interresting: During the Entrance Rolling in the DEEP by adele was the Only track Song that was played with vocals. All other songs were instrumental versions.
Heres a Vid YT wont let me upload:


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