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Crystal Light Kids Radio interviews Mario Oriani-Ambrosini MP for South Africa

Mario Oriani-Ambrosini was born in Rome, Italy on October 26, 1960. He was the son of law professor Raffaele Oriani, who died in 1971 at the age of 39. Oriani-Ambrosini was then adopted and educated by his grand-uncle Gaspare Ambrosini, an Italian jurist and politician.

Even though his adoptive father was a leader of the Democrazia Cristiana, Oriani-Ambrosini spent his teenage political activism in the shadow of the leader of the Italian radical, environmentalist and libertarian movement Marco Pannella, a party with which Oriani-Ambrosini has maintained a lifelong association.

Oriani-Ambrosini has maintained his legal practice in the States, albeit by remote control as well as a standing political association with the US libertarian movement centered around Ron Paul.

We talked about the failing banking and financial system.


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