'The Cost of the London Olympics to the Taxpayer' [Counting the Cost - Al Jazeera]

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The true cost of the London 2012 Olympics is somewhere between £12bn and £24bn, once you've added in all the things that are not counted as part of the Olympics budget, but are 100% dependent on the Olympics. It's FRAUD against taxpayers to deliberately mis-represent the costs, but the politicians are above the law, so no charges will be brought against any of them. Total waste of money, for three weeks of sport, lasting legacy? Yeah sure, huge debt to UK taxpayers, politicians and big-business making money though, (and kudos) also, I thought we were in one huge recession? oh right, I get it, doesn't matter,it's only money... And do not forget that the economic troubles of Greece started right after the Athens Olympics so good luck London and the UK.
- Gerald Celente -

As the 2012 London Olympics begin, we are focusing the world's most-watched sporting festival on this special edition of Counting the Cost. So what is the price tag for London's Games? And when the games are over and the last medal is handed out, what kind of legacy will be left? Joining us to discuss this is Daniel Moylan, the chairman of the London Legacy Development Corporation; and Pamela Gardner, the director of neighbourhoods and communities at East Thames, a housing provider and social regeneration charity. A more immediate challenge than creating a legacy is providing security. And the scale of the security operation for London 2012 is quite staggering. Joining us is Dr. Pete Fussey, a senior lecturer in Criminology at the University of Essex whose work has focused on security and regeneration in relation to major events. Counting the Cost is also looking at the Olympic trademark and the issues behind it. Why are small British businesses being prevented from benefiting from Olympic fever? Is the Olympic branding clampdown going too far? And are Olympic organisers killing off the spirit of the games?

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