Innocents Betrayed - The True Story of Gun Control WorldWide

  • Uploaded by Goldy on Jul 30, 2012
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An armed citizen state is a free and indomitable state .Whenever a gun control law is passed, or any other law for that matter, it all goes underground and criminal elements make a fortune. I believe that if all responsible unarmed people were to watch this video, they would race out and buy arms. The US Government does fear the people, Why else would they want to ban guns? all gun control laws do is protect criminals from the armed citizens ' to say that it protects people from the criminals is a load of BS , they even tried to pass a law to register Flint locks as if they were modern firearms ' America is changing and I think it's sad . The vast majority of school shootings were not the results of people having guns, but people on Anti-Depressant and other pharmaceutical drugs. That is a near consistent Fact and includes both Columbine and Virgina Tech shootings .You PAY your government to protect you? How wonderfully naive. Police forces are nothing more than an extension of civilians with guns. They were "deputized", contracted, given special training and equipment to do the job FOR the people, not in place OF the people. Police have NO MORE arresting powers than "WE THE PEOPLE" who GAVE them their very authority and powers in the first place. Criminals ALWAYS have and always WILL find ways to get guns. If the people are NOT also armed, you end up with huge wolves in a locked hen house wit no guard tearing up the hens. Sure, society might be safer if ONLY the cops had guns, IF they put cameras in everyone's homes, IF they monitored everything you did, everywhere you went and listened to everything you said.. in fact that is EXACTLY what they are planning, working on and have ALREADY implemented to a large degree covertly, they just have gone public about it's true extent yet. If you want to live in a total police state, then don't worry, it's coming. But it's NOT for your safety at ALL. It's for THEIR psychopathic control. The word "safety" is to trick you into thinking they "care" about you at all..THEY DON'T! The more people think that ALL guns are the enemy and that people can't be trusted with guns, the easier it will be for them to get rid of them. The founding fathers knew SO well that the ONLY real chance was for real freedom was for the people to be openly armed at ALL times to have that balance of power. Today even they are demonized as "Terrorists" .

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