Beware of the spiritually Blind but devoted Fathers in Churches and Monasteries. Prayer and fasting for the once-born Disciples -1.

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Hi Brother,

Something that puzzles me. At the times of Christ Jesus, people called Rabbis as Fathers and then you had Church Fathers.

Now, Christ Jesus proclaimed that we have One Father in Heaven and call no one else a father. Are you fathers in the names of Rabbis? To get rid of them or set us Free of them, Christ Jesus offered himself as the Lamb of God? That means the sacrifice of Jesus did not play much part in introducing to us our Father direct through His Word?

Now, where do you stand between man and God? Remember that in Christ Jesus, we are have been made the sons of the most High and those are Royal Priests, far greater than John, the Baptist, an Angel and not even a Saint.

Now, tell me if we are Fishers of Men, then what would happen to the women? An how a woman could be turned into a man so that she can enter into the Royal Kingdom of God meant for the sons of God to share? Women cannot inherit the property of the Father as they do not have the Seed of Father.

I hope you won't mind telling me why John, the Baptist is an Angel and not a Saint and in whose name He baptised Jewish sensible men in water? Why He did not baptise a Gentile or a Woman and Jesus served the Eucharist only to those whom John, the Baptist had baptised in water? Do the Gentile need the Baptism of Christ Jesus, the Eucharist before starting to Preach Gospel?

Further, Christ Jesus moved us from the brick built Temples made by human hands into the Temples of God made by Mother Nature for the Solitary Royal Priests. With this, He rejected the old Utencils of worship and rituals. People used to say Prayers in the Brick built Temples dominated by the Rabbis, the Priests. And so, were the Disciples of Rabbis, Pharisees, John, the Baptist, etc. were doing as if their god Yahweh is deaf and dumb. But our God is living and Omniscient. Do you need to say Prayers and do fastings as the Disciples of Rabbis did? That is why Christ Thomas Said, "Why should I fast, what sin have I committed (Saul fasted for Four Days as He had committed sins) and why should I pray, what wrong have I done"?

I am from the Punjab, India and I find Christianity very interesting. My questions are not easy and that is why I ask such questions to the experts.

With the Philo Love of Christ Jesus,

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