Beware of the spiritually but devoted Blind Fathers in Churches and Monasteries -3.

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Beware of the spiritually but devoted Blind Fathers in Churches and Monasteries -3.

Hi Brethren,

We are not slaves to Christ Jesus as Christ Jesus set us Free of the Yokes of Rabbis but today Matt.12.v43-45 has been fulfilled and we are under the Yokes of Fathers worse than those Rabbis.

Jesus never put anyone under slavery. When Christ Jesus fed the 5000 with heavely Bread, then Christ Jesus turned around to Preach Gospel in order to fulfill His Saying, "Man shall not live by bread alone but what comes out of the Mouth of God".

That is how He opened His Mouth, "Unless you eat the Flesh of Jesus and Drink the Blood of Christ, you have no Part in me". All the 5000 run away because they were Nicodemii of letters. His own Labourers were puzzled and Christ Jesus asked them if they too want to leave Him? Peter replied, "No. You have the Bread of Life, His Word".

So, were the Twelve slaves to Christ Jesus or not?

Then slowly as they were Fed with the Heavenly Bread, what came out of the Mouth of Jesus and they started to Preach Gospel Drinking the Blood of Christ, then they became Friends of Christ Jesus willing to lay down their lives for His Sake and they proved their Friendship on visiting Lazarus, another Friend of Christ Jesus, and saw for themselves the Reward of Friendship, the Resurrection of Lazarus shown to the Public at large to glorify our Father. This strengthened the Bond of Friendship and all the Apostles died Happily for Christ Jesus, their Husband that they married at Eucharist called entering into the Bridal Chamber, the ritual highly mocked by the blind Disciples of Fathers in Monasteries. The Baptism of John is not so much mocked as that of Christ Jesus.

So, our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus or His Apostles never enslaved anyone but through Preaching Gospel, they created Super Love Phillo that Glued them to Christ Jesus, the Son whose Marriage was celebrated in Eucharist. Thus, all the Apostles and anyone who Preaches Gospel in the name of Christ Jesus highly Honour our anointed Brother and together, we Glorify our Father in Heaven and not these Antichrist Robed Fathers, who still are stationed in the brick built Monasteries dominating over others as Rabbis did on their Disciples. No Disciples in Christ Jesus but Labourers working in the Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus is Planted for us to emulate. Antichrists hate entering into this Vineyard for they will have no Disciples to clip their hairs.
[QUOTE=Andreas Moran;124984]The key, as Owen suggests, is verse 12. In the Orthodox spiritual tradition, humility (self-abasement, self-condemnation, and so forth) are the essence of the life in Christ. In our own times, the theology of Elder Sophrony and the explanations thereof by Archimandrite Zacharias and others stress this. Our freedom consists in our slavery to Christ.[/QUOTE]

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