13yr old with 128 felonies

  • Uploaded by Glphil on Aug 2, 2012
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I have posted this to counter white racist comments implying only non-white children are capable of being child felons with long records of crime.

On the video "Little serial Killer in the Making, Frightening Footage". I left this comment, aimed at a racist who blamed the child of his cruelty on race. ( I was nastier than necessary.. ) I hate racists! Here is my comment (edited):
" Blaming it on race is about all someone of your ilk is capable of. This is an ECONOMIC issue... ! When people have to work at low paying jobs and many have to work more than one job, they aren't around to raise their children the way they should. Many of these folks had to dropout of school at a young age, just to have to help support the family. It's a self perpetuating endless circle. People of other races are caught up in it too! This type of behavior isn't limited to "nonwhite" people, which is, no doubt what you imply."

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