Norio Hayakawa: The Alien Hoax

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Norio Hayakawa has nearly half a century of research behind him: an extensive 45 years of in-depth study on the UFO phenomenon. In 1990 he organized a network called the Civilian Intelligence Network and began to conduct thorough research on Area 51 in Nevada. The Civilian Intelligence Network grew to become a loosely-knit citizens watchdog group on government accountability, and its network of researchers, investigators, and intelligence gatherers held their primary focus on the government's so-called Black Budget Programs at locations such as the operating base at Groom Lake (Area 51).

Norio's research lead him towards investigating the widespread claims about the existence of the Dulce underground base in New Mexico. He has spoken in many conferences nationwide, especially in the early 1990s. His present focus is on the study of how a segment of the population's die-hard beliefs in physical UFOs and Aliens have been manipulated. In some cases, these beliefs have been deliberately created and taken advantage of by the U.S. intelligence community and by the Military in counter intelligence operations, and promoted on a daily basis.

Norio theorizes that a conditioning system has been strategically set by those secretive elitists ever since 1947, targeted towards a segment of the population that could, in the near-future, become part of a global deception scenario. He also brings about the importance of Operation Paperclip which may have played a role during those initial years. He states, "UFO reports may not necessarily be caused by physical visits from space travelers. Alternate realities co-exist with us, making it extremely difficult to define 'reality' through out limited empirical understanding and our inability to detect them with our five senses. The government is well aware of this, as well as of the puzzling, overtly non-threatening but deceptive nature of the UFO phenomenon and may well take advantage of it in a future global scenario."

With this perspective in mind, Norio joins Truth Connections to discuss present day covert Military activities; the great Alien Hoax; the infiltration of the UFO community by governmental agents; and, the artificial 'Extraterrestrial' threat to create panic in order to accelerate an enforced global order of some kind. Prepare yourself by visiting Norio's informative website ( that covers many topics and provides many links to various suspicious government, Military, and UFO related activities.

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