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PT 1 / 2 - The 'Bob Dylan - 1966 World Tour: -
Thiis part 1 of 2 clips from The Home Movies' DVD is a collection of interview footage with Mickey Jones interspersed with footage of Dylan's 1966 world tour. Mickey Jones was the drummer during the 1965/1966 world tour, which was arguably one of the most infamous tours of all times.
It serves as a travelogue of a man's life during one of the most potent cultural epochs. It's amazing how a man's 8mm footage can render the overly familiar landmark of St Stephen's Tower in London into something vital, owing to such variables as weather.
Mickey Jones has a remarkable memory of details Jones reveals some Dylan facts I was unaware of such as the fact that the Liverpool gig in 1966 was recorded with the possible intention of releasing it as a live album. He also espouses an interesting theory regarding the identity of the person who responded 'Play f**king loud' at the Manchester Free Trade Hall concert on 17th May 1966. This was previously considered to be Dylan or one of the band members, Jones suggests one of the stagehands caught up in the tension of the moment. He may be wrong, but then again it's a theory that is intriguing.
A version about this infamous event during this landmark concert of all time was i heard was that when Dylan shouts "i dont believe you" in reply to his heckler, he is actually replying to the statement also shouted out by the heckler at the time - being "ILL NEVER BUY ANY MORE OF YOUR RECORDS!!!!!!!!!!!",{after he shouts out "JUDAS!!!}"... to which Dylan replies "I DONT BELIEVE YOU!...This is not mentioned by Jome in this film!!...SEE PART 2......see more soon...b.

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