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Moral Laws apply in Demiurge Yahweh of O.T whilst spiritual Principles to our souls in God.

  • Uploaded by Nijjhar on Aug 5, 2012
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Moral Laws apply in Demiurge Yahweh of the O.T whilst spiritual Principles to our souls in God.
Rabbis dealt with natural man and taught them moral laws for Peace in society whilst Christ Jesus came in the name of God and laid down the spiritual Principles that apply to our souls and hearts. Being twice-born in God, we are more sensible than the Rabbis. Corrupt Rabbis would tell people what they should do but they themselves would not set the example. That is why Christ Jesus called them hypocrite and to get rid of them, he gave his own life as the Lamb of God setting us Free of the yokes of the yokes of sins of the Rabbis and put us, the sensible twice-born to the yoke of righteousness that originates from your own heart and not from the written Laws of Moses. In Jesus, we are Royal Priests greater than the Priests. John, the Baptist was an Ideal Moral Teacher or Prophet Elijah.
So, in Jesus stress is to our hearts and not the physical bodies that have make and female genders. Only antichrists are Priests in Churches and they apply moral laws and put on much heavier yokes - Matt.12.v43-45.

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