Why Christ Jesus washed the Feet of His Virgin Solitary Labourers before Marriage?

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Why Christ Jesus washed the Feet of His Virgin Solitary Labourers before Marriage?

Hi Brother,

You know we have One Father and in Him, our souls count and not the flesh.

Now, Christ Jesus trained His Labourers so well that they were capable of entering into the House of our Father.

Now, Christ Jesus was invited to the house of Pharisee Simon and he did not greet Christ Jesus by washing his Feet as the custom demanded but he being arrogant rather wanted to test Christ Jesus as the others were doing. But Mary Megdalen knew the spiritual values of Christ Jesus and in the Tears of extreme Love, she washed the Feet of Christ Jesus and then dried them up with her head hair, or her own honour, to make Jesus comfortable and at the same time to tell the men of Letters how Great was Christ Jesus that a stranger came to honour Him and not His own.

So, what shall our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus should do after expelling the devil, Judas Iscariot out, and taking the remaining eleven into the House of our Father to celebrate His Own Marriage with Eleven Virgins? He greeted them by washing their Feet to make them comfortable in the House of our Father before starting His Marriage Ceremony the Eucharist that is also called entering into the Bridal Chamber or the Eucharist of Sacrifice in which you become the Full Time Worker of our Father. So, that is why Christ Jesus washed the Feet of His Labourers. None of them was a "Hireling".

May I know if there is a similar custom in secular marriage where the Bridegroom washes the Feet of his bride to welcome her into his father's house? Or the bride washes the feet of the Brdiegroom when he goes to marry her?

Christ Jesus has left with us a Companion called holy spirit and that is "common sense" which the Books can't impart.

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