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After a week's break, Chasing UFOs came back with a bang as the team investigate sightings of alien probes at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Ben, James, and Ryder tell viewers that whenever a space shuttle took off at Cape Canaveral there were...

After a week's break, Chasing UFOs came back with a bang as the team investigate sightings of alien probes at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Ben, James, and Ryder tell viewers that whenever a space shuttle took off at Cape Canaveral there were sightings of alien probes flying around it. There's a video that shows flying objects around the shuttle the Endeavor.

Ben, Ryder, and James head to Cape Canaveral in FLorida to do some investigating of their own.

The team meets with a group called the Space Launch Watchers.

Robert Osborn and Steve Bishop are two of the watchers and they spoke about something they saw. It was a glowing, orange probe flying around the area. It moved very quickly as it flew around the launch pad.

The team decides to do their own investigating that night. So off they go on a boat and head towards Cape Canaveral. Now this can be dangerous for the team because they might end up in jail if they're caught sneaking around. The area has a lot of security. Ben stays in the main boat while James and Ryder get on a smaller one and head to the shore. Ben comments to the camera, "I'm never going to see them again." Was he afraid that aliens were going to grab them or the police?

Ryder and James' boat is in shallow water and they know they have to be careful. They see that there's a rocket on the launch pad and there's a lot of activity going on around it. Suddenly, Ryder's hair stand up on end when she notices a glowing, orange orb flying around. It's moving fast and she's sure that this is not a plane or a planet. Out of nowhere both James and Ryder hear something. Is it the police coming to arrest them, an alien probe come to abduct them? No, it's worse—alligators! Then they notice a search light and behind the light is a Coast Guard boat. It's bad enough that aliens and alligators might be after them but with the Coast Guard too James and Ryder decide to head for the hills, or at least back to Ben so they can leave the shores of Cape Canaveral.

The next day the team visits Edgar Mitchell who was an astronaut on Apollo 14. Mitchell says that before he went into space he never thought of aliens but now he has no doubt of their existence. He tells them that astronauts and airplane pilots have seen UFOs. Mitchell's sure that alien life is observing our space program.

The Chasing UFOs team goes to the home of Santos Bruno, a retired police sergeant. Santos tells them about nine pictures he and his wife took of very small alien probes flying around a palm tree in his back yard. He explains that the grass under the tree has been burned! Parts of the grass were ashen white and no grass has grown near the palm tree since. Ryder seems to think this means something.

Ben takes soil samples and Santos has agreed to allow the three to stay at his house over night in case the probes return. They set up their equipment in order to catch the probes on video.

James and Ben stay outside and Ryder stares at the camera screens inside. Wait, Ryder sees something on the screen; white orbs are flying around. Ryder calls out to the rest of the team and ask if they see something. They don't. Only the camera can see the orbs. Ryder thinks this is weird and Ben thinks it's just dust floating around.

But Ryder has caught something else on the camera. In the distance are two glowing, orange objects. One is a plane but the second is something different. It's heading to the plane and just when the two might collide the UFO disappears! The incident looks like it happened over the Everglades so the team heads there to investigate.

There they meet Jonny Cobbler who not only collects UFO stories but is an alligator hunter. Jonny tells them about a glowing fireball he saw. He said it looked like another sun falling from the sky. Really Jonny, another sun falling from the sky? Is alcohol part of alligator hunting and collecting UFO stories? Mr. Cobbler insists that the sphere looked like a "bubble of fire." Ben thinks it was a meteor but the team investigate that night. Why do they always investigate at night?

Ben, James, Ryder, and alligator hunter Jonny go to the Everglades. Jonny and Ryder stay with the boat and Ben and James go off by themselves. There are lots of snakes around and Ben and James are not happy about this. Snakes are scarier than aliens.

Ryder sees something in the sky. You guessed it, a glowing, orange ball. She asks James and Ben if they see it. It's hard for them to spot anything in the sky since the two of them are busy watching for snakes on the ground. But Ryder keeps her eye on the object until it disappears. Then Ryder spots something else: a baby alligator. Where's there's a baby, momma can't be far away so Ryder and Jonny keep an eye out for her.

Before long they hear the mother alligator and everyone decides to leave the Everglades.

At home base, the team analyzes the evidence they've found. Ryder and James think that the video of the space shuttle with the alien probes proves that we are being watched. Ben thinks it proves that bugs exist in our world.

Ben says Ryder's disappearing UFO is nothing more than a reflection of light. Ryder thinks it was a real UFO.

As for Santos Bruno's orbs that were around his palm trees, Ben doesn't think that it was anything and the burned grass is just something that happens in Florida.

James is sure that alien probes are flying over Florida gathering information.

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