S H T F Gardening

Gardening and what to do with the weeds when the S H T F . Imagine a scenario ( any one of many ) - - - there is a food shortage and you have to feed your family. You are fortunate enough to have a garden, but the situation demands that you make use of everything and waste nothing. Here is one way you can increase your yield form your garden. Weeds or better called,,, wild herbs can be used as and for food, preservatives herbs, tea, dyes, preservatives rope making, paper and a lot more.
I will be posting my recipes on my web site http://www.nancys-world.com/ (under how to documents) along with any information updates. I also invite you, my viewers to help build my new discussion forums relating to preppper / survival topics and share your ideas. This will be helpful to everyone, as it will only build and strengthen the prepper / patriot community.

also see ; http://survivalchef.mygofoods.com/


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