'How are the guns reaching the streets of US?' [PressTV]

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Last Sunday -- an avowed neo-Nazi bigot walked into a Sikh temple outside of Milwaukee -- Wisconsin -- and opened fire -- killing six and wounding three others.

Less than three weeks ago -- a lone gunman strolled into a packed movie theater in Aurora -- Colorado -- and started shooting -- killing twelve and injuring nearly sixty.

And these are just the latest cases of mass shootings in an America where they've become all too common.
President Barack Obama spoke the obvious on Monday.

But how?

Americans have been stuck with lax gun control laws for years -- hamstrung by a gun lobby with deep pockets and a population where city-dwellers want stronger measures -- and rural people want their guns.

Many American politicians see the issue as one to avoid -- since taking either side means alienating voters.

And so with President taking no definitive stance and the Republican candidate -- Romney -- having no position at all on gun control -- we took it to the voter. Do they even want gun control? Most of the ones we spoke with do.

One psychiatrist we spoke with says that the problems may run deeper -- and different in each case.
How are the guns reaching the streets -- she asks?

And how do conditions like high unemployment come into play -- and a media that consistently equates guns and power?

In 2010 -- gun rights advocates spent one point three million dollars lobbying Congressmen in the US -- a full 25 times more than gun-control advocates spent.

That's the same year that the US Supreme Court shot down a thirty year old handgun ban in Chicago -- calling it a violation of Second Amendment rights -- and making it easier than ever to arm yourself in the US.

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