Mexican Archeologists Unearth Ancient Aztec Remains

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Mexican archaeologists have found about 1,700 bones including ten skulls, as well as a sacred Aztec tree trunk at a ruined temple in the throbbing heart of Mexico City.

The 500 year-old remains were uncovered last month at the Aztec empire's main Templo Mayor, near Zocalo square, which was used for worship and human sacrifice.

They were discovered during works to expand the Templo Mayor museum.

Further analysis is needed to determine the causes of death for the burials, but holes found in some of the skulls may indicate human sacrifice.

The full remains of a woman with a newborn in her arms were among the discovery.

[Raul Barrera, Archaeologist]:
"This burial is unique because an individual was buried but his skeleton was accompanied by that of others. These bones could've been extracted from another location and brought here as an offering on behalf of this individual."

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