'The Government is Not Your Boss!' [Jason Rink © InfoWars Nightly News]

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Jason Rink http://www.jasonrink.com/
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Jason Rink is the Director and Producer of "Nullification: The Rightful Remedy." What the film is about:
What do we do when the Federal Government steps outside of it’s constitutional boundaries? Do we ask federal bureaucrats in black robes to enforce the limits of it’s own power? Thomas Jefferson and James Madison didn’t think so, and neither do we. The rightful remedy to federal tyranny rests in the hands of the people and the several States. It’s called “nullification” or “interposition.” It’s an idea whose time has come.

We began filming Nullification: The Rightful Remedy on September 4th, 2010 at the Fort Worth, Texas Nullify Now event. This was the first stop of what would eventually be an eight city tour that ran from the Fall of 2010 to the Spring of 2011. What initially began as just an idea to document the event itself soon developed into the concept of a feature-length documentary covering the history of Nullification and the re-emergence of Nullification today.

The finished version of the film promises to be the most comprehensive documentary on the subject of the Tenth Amendment and Nullification, which is truly an idea whose time has come.


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