Fake Sikhs Of Turbans and beard are to be blamed for the deaths in USA Gurdwara.

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Fake Sikhs Of Turbans and beard are to be blamed for the deaths in USA Gurdwara.
This is the Age of Christ or Satguru MATT WAILA when you go by the wisdom of your innerman, the Christ and not what this man says or that man says. This is no more the time of Rabbis as they became corrupt and that is why Christ, the Son of Most High appears to introduce to us our Real Father God. These fathers in flesh or tribe are superficial whilst our Real Father is right inside your heart and it is not skin deep in which the colour of the skin counts. That is why Christ Jesus, the First anointed Christ in the world said that in God, we are neither male or female, brown black or white. When a person is born, then our Father puts the soul, our real self, into a body and thus in God, colour or origin of the person does not count.
But these Dog-Collared people, they do not work for God but for Mammon and hypocritical show through their uniforms that they are. Sikh Priests are the worst and so are the Mullahs in Islam.
So, you need education and not prayers of the hypocrites as our Father is Omniscient and not deaf and dumb like Yahweh.
Gospel is different from the Holy Books, which are letters. Understanding of the Holy Books when Preached from your own mouth becomes Gospel or the Blood of Christ that you drink on Preaching. That is why Gospel cannot be written down in ink on paper as the Letters are. Letters you can study with the help of a man or University Professor but Gospel is by the grace of our Father for those who long for Gospel Treasures and not Mammon treasures. Freely is Gospel received and freely it delivered. So, anyone who charges for Preaching Gospel, he is a hireling antichrist.

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