'We're in A Financial Holocaust!' [Max Keiser © InfoWars]

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Max Keiser: 'The collapse will happen by April of next year when the taxes are collected in the US a huge shortfall will become evident and US triple A rated bonds which are now AA+ will be downgraded to single A or less and that will at the very outset of this prediction will trigger a chain reaction of US debt collapse default and dollar collapse , but between now and then any number of event could happen that will trigger the collapse before hand

Max Keiser says that JP Morgan declared that they have a negative equity of about 30 or 40 billion dollars on their books this will trigger the collapse of the FED and the treasury , first we will see the collapse of JP Morgan says Max Keiser then the collapse of the treasury and the FED then the collapse of the dollar brought by JP Morgan books which has 90 trillion dollars worth of what they call derivatives basically claims that are impossible to even fulfill that's bigger than the entire gross domestic product of the entire planet earth , 90 trillion dollars just one bank JP Morgan so this is like the housing loan scam! selling loans as directives that made to collapses out in Californian the house are made that banks own the whole house when it was forecloses there thousands of these homes in California that a sign of what to come! You want to collapse the fraudulent system? Withdraw your money out of your bank, withdraw your money out of your 401k, Stop paying your loans, credit cards and mortgage. You want change? Do all of the above.'
- Gerald Celente -
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