Dr. Sal's Warning [Salvatore Conti]

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Dr. Sal -- a NASA scientist reveals information about our planet's future that he is risking his life to get to the people. Watch and decide for yourself whether this is accurate. He states that he holds a very high clearance level. Although does not seem read-in to all levels that we are aware of as a result of other whistleblower testimony. However, his seriousness and intention are clear. It may be that some of the affects of this reversal may be altered by solutions provided by other off-planet groups acting to assist us during this time. Regardless, this is, if true, important information to be aware of.

I can say we have other information similar to this from at least one other scientist who is highly respected and is no longer in communication with us. That scientist told us that those in the know were expecting 3 major events in the near future including possibly during 2012:

1. CME -- direct hit on Earth
2. Magnetic pole shift
3. Pole reversal

- Kerry Cassidy -

"A few days ago, my friend asked me to help him tell the world a huge message. For months, I had noticed him withdrawn and worried, and when he explained to me what his secret was, I almost fainted.

The good news is that he's convinced that there's hope, which is the main reason why he wants to defy everything and everyone that has kept him quiet for too long.

Last night he gave me this video, which was almost 30 minutes long. He wanted me to edit out an introduction intended only for me, but I didn't: I want the world to see it.

I only edited a couple of moments in which he is quietly thoughtful or when he searches for a word for a few seconds, with the only purpose of making it as short as possible, without altering the essence of his message."
- Enrico De Luca -

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