Holy Shit! World War III Starts on September 11 2012 Timewave [FloorSeat]

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Its not the end of the world according to the Mayan calender December 21st 2012 means the world has completed its transformation, lets change that December 12 2012 is when the worlds transformation is complete so in December 22 2012 the world experiences a change but not the end of the world. Nostradamus and other famous people who make estimates usually don't lie. This was made before pope Benedict became pope. If he dies and we elect a new pope before 2012, you can be sure that these theories hold water. St Patrick also predicted the last pope. He also named all the popes and their respective coat of arms. It seems to be identical to Nostradamus. I don't think its the end of the WORLD. I believe its the end of the AGE. around 2012 we will enter another golden age "We all consciously and unconsciously co-create reality". If this is the case, we certainly are doing a very crappy job. We destroy our environment, kill each other, seek domination of free willed souls, etc. A major change would be nice.
- Gerald Celente -

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