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The Media, Pop Culture & Ufology

***no copyright infringement intended all clips used are for educational purposes only. The Media, Pop Culture & Ufology is a documentary created for a Pop Culture and Communication course at the University of Ottawa instructed by Dr. Michael Strangelove The film was released February 2012. This project takes a highly theoretical perspective in the examination of the ways in which media have influenced the field of Ufology and the resulting implications and outcomes in relation to popular culture. Work Cited: Bowers, KS, & Eastwood, JD (1996). On the Edge of Science: Coping With UFOlogy Scientifically. Psychological Inquiry, 7(2), 136. Cross, A. (2004). The Flexibility of Scientific Rhetoric: A Case Study of UFO Researchers. Qualitative Sociology, 27(1), 3-34. Dahlgren, P. (1991). Communication and citizenship: Journalism and the public sphere. New York: TJ Press. Denzler, B. (2002). UFOLOGY, GOD-TALK AND THEOLOGY. Skeptic, 9(3), 50. Habermas, J. (1991). The structural transformation of the public sphere. Massachusetts: MIT Press. Hovland, C. Janis, I. Kelley H. 1953. Communication and Persuasion. Greenword Press Jenkins, H. (2006). Convergance Culture: Where old and new media collide. Cambrige, MA: MIT Press Lessig, L. (2006). Code: And other laws of cyberspace. New York: Basic Books. Lange, P. (2010). Publicly private and privately public: Social Networking on Youtube Lessig, L. (2004) Free Culture: The Nature and Future of Creativity. New York: Penguin. Leung, L. (2009 ...

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