BREAKING: Marine Vet Being Held Without Charges by Feds For Anti Government Facebook Posts

  • Uploaded by MacAmbo on Aug 18, 2012
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Needless to say it is very disconcerting to hear then see

exactly what is going on in this country - a form of the

NDAA taking place with former Marine, Brandon J Raub -

for exercising his 1st Amendment rights and speaking out.

Though I'm not familiar with his posts for which he is

being "held without charges" over - and being cognizant

of the fact that the government is operating in a state

of paranoia evidenced by the insidious means and methods

they employ which by most reasonable legal standards are

to be considered no less than outrageous - what should

have been a routine field interview, wrapped up on scene

after it became obvious there was no terrorist threat

present - has resulted in involuntary detainment, for

which on the bright side can illuminate the problem for

many who still don't understand the nature of the police

state we are living in. Stand with Brandon - in

solidarity - strong and committed to the most worthy of

ideals - we shall overcome - and let this be a beacon to

the world in helping others become more aware. This video

and audio from the Josh Tolley Show will bring more

attention to Brandon's plight if you share it. Also,

there is a new Community Facebook page I started called

GETANGRY to post, share, vent and discuss this and other

events and situations which are fueling the flames of

discomfort by our Government.

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