G.O.D. Experiments~ Science Discovers GOD Pt.8/12

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Evidence for G.O.D.
University of Arizona professor of psychology and neurology Dr. Gary Schwartz shared how he used science to conclude that nothing happens by chance and that some kind of organizing process must exist. Referring to this process as G.O.D. (Guiding-Organizing-Designing), he contended that an intelligent principle or consciousness is permeated throughout the universe, and \"the all is in the small.\"

In developing his position, he tested the claims of Christopher Robinson, the \"Dream Detective,\" known for his precognitive experiences in the dream state. In an experiment they conducted, Robinson\'s dreams accurately predicted a series of locations in Arizona that Schwartz picked out, months after the dreams. This led Schwartz to believe an ordering process was taking place, and that our minds are a reflection of a great intelligence.

He also discussed evidence he derived from Native American sandpaintings, which offer such complexity that we don\'t see the inherent patterns, as well as the number for Pi, which calculated out to millions of digits appears random, though it\'s always exactly the same order. Our mind is literally bigger than the universe because we can conceive it that way, he noted.
Wednesday October 15th, 2008
Host: George Noory

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