9/11 World Trade Center WABC NIST FOIA - Video 2 (SEE INFO)

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NIST FOIA: Release #25 -- 42A0108 - G25D18, Video #2 (Collapse of WTC 2 & 1)
03:30 - South Tower (WTC2) collapses at 9:59am. Dust pouring out from window/s on 44th floor and from the louvers of mechanical equipment room (MER) on floors 41-42, north face of WTC2.
West Street, at the Winter Garden.

07:00 - Interview with eyewitnesses Joseph Fichera and Paul Sutherland.

07:54 - WTC1 survivor Joseph Napolitano.

09:12 - Kathleen Avino has witnessed the first impact and the impact explosion at WTC2.

13:13 - NYPD: "North Tower is leaning."

13:24 - North Tower (WTC1) destruction begins at 10:28am.
Warren Street and North End Avenue.

16:56 - CBS reporter Carol Marin.

17:36 - Two WTC1 survivors and first impact eyewitnesses from 82nd floor. Big explosion in the lobby (probably during or just before the WTC2 collapse).

20:28 - WTC2 survivor from 39th floor (interview incomplete).

Videographer: Marty Glembotzky, WABC-TV
Reporter: N.J. Burkett

DVD video decompressed & deinterlaced, resolution upscaled and clarity and color saturation increased. Video dubbed mostly with the audio track from Cumulus clips. Audio channels adjusted.

Release #25
Folder: 42A0108 - G25D18
File: DVD Video ("WABC NIST Dub #1" Tape, Video #2)

Source: 911datasets.org

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