CNN: Witness says Police killed Chavis Carter

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ORIGINAL TITLE : Autopsy Report Finds Twice Searched Double Handcuffed Man In Police Car DID Commit Suicide

Listen very carefully at 58 seconds into this clip.

The interviewer asks the witness: “So they let two of these guys go?”
Then the witness says: “and they kilt one”.

This video is different from a previous mainstream media release of the same footage in that you can hear the woman state that she believes the police killed Chavis Carter.

Police and media have been, and still are framing this woman’s description of where the officers were standing at the time that she heard the gun shot, as proof that the officers were not involved in the shooting.

However, it is blatantly obvious based on her statement in this extended video that she is under the opinion and or belief that Chavis was murdered by the police officers. So why would they deceptively use a small excerpt of her testimony to imply their innocence?

Going over the facts again, according to Chavis’s mother, Chavis had called his girlfriend to inform her that he would be phoning her from jail. Then, it is alleged by the police that a left-handed Chavis managed to pull a concealed weapon after he had already been searched and shoot himself in the right temple.

After hearing this new evidence even Wolf Blitzer had common sense enough to question whether the Autopsy report indicated that he commit suicide.

I would love to see this woman's full testimony unedited and why in the fuck did the cop not ask her why she came to the conclusion that the Cops killed Chavis!?

If this was a murder, then this is the most shotty cover up of all time!


Why does George K. Howell completely mischaracterize this womans statement after the woman is done speaking in the clip?

1:31 - Jamie Anderson: "They weren't too far from the car"

George K. Howell: So wolf that's Jamie Anderson indicating that these officers were not near the back seat, in fact they were away from the police car.

She did not say they were not near the backseat...
She did not say they were away from the police car...

She said they were not too far away from the car.

That could be right next to the back door, hell the door could have been open for all we know!

The way she sounded to me is that the police may have been very near the police car when the gunshot was heard.

Now let me ask the reader a question: Why does this George K. Howell, try to reframe her testimony Immediately after we hear it?

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