'Israel's intent to strike Iran before the US elections' [LPAC.TV]

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In the first Part of this report NASA's landing of Curiosity on Mars, has vindicated those throughout history who have demonstrated that mankind's most powerful weapon is discovering the scientific basis for peace and for the common aims of mankind.

The Curiosity perspective allows us to look down at Earth, to better identify the challenges we face from within the solar system. To meet those challenges, we will act not as a single nation, but as many nations in the interest of all nations.

Israel is now pushing harder than ever to initiate the first strike on Iran with the US backing before the 2012 US elections in November. What many people don't realize is that a US invasion in Syria will lead to a military retaliation from Russia; and a US war with Iran will lead to a military retaliation from China. Syria and Iran are the proxy wars that ignite Ww3 between Russia, China and the US. But, this has always been the plan from the *British Empire. *The Rothschild Global Financial Empire"

In a hypothetical scenario to prevent this policy of warfare; Israel should be given the ultimatum ... that if Israel strikes Iran, then Russia, Turkey, China and the US will retaliate with full military force on Israel ....game over!

In the second Part of this report features a past release video from February of 2012 which recaps the ongoing events (war buildup) since the beginning of 2012 to the present day. This segment is presented here to remind us all that the risk and threat of Thermonuclear war is still and now an immediate reality. The US nuclear missile-filled submarines movement onto the pacific coast are still in place. In the context of the removal of any major opposition of Obama in the Federal Government could mean nuclear war in months if not weeks.

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