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Orange Red Orb in the sky - Aug 18th 2012 Brook Park, Ohio - 1st Video (Raw)

  • Uploaded by Grey on Aug 21, 2012
  • Hits: 19

Sighting took place at around 11:02 and lasted about 3 minutes (I misread the phone since I was trying to pay attention to the sky)

Video has been shot in 1080p on a iPad 3

I had been standing outside while talking on the phone for about 30 mins when I seen this orange, burning orb come over the apt building. I ran inside and grabbed my iPad 3 to film it. Unfortunately my camera ran out of space after about a minute, but I quickly free some space up and continue to film for almost another minute. The rest is shown in video 2

There was no planes in the sky, no sound coming from it. It was rather low, and alittle bit brighter in person. It looked like it was almost burning?

I have checked the weather for the area and the winds was blowing east - south east during this sighting, while the direction the orb is coming from is east, heading west, then south west. Weather data for the location

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